Certification Course On Management of Retail Business

In this course, the students will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of Retail Management and the career opportunities available in this field. This course provides an insight to the students regarding various issues associated with store operation, visual merchandising, merchandising, inventory management, retail sales etc. Class participation would be fundamental for the development of transferrable skills

Followings are the main objectives of this course.

  • To familiarize the students regarding various dimensions of retail management and career opportunities available in these fields.
    • To develop practical understanding among the students associated with retailing through classroom discussion/ participation and projects.
    • To develop transferrable skills among the students for managing retail operation efficiently so that they could be ready to join the retail industry.
    • To provide knowledge to students in concise and understandable format so that students could learn and apply these concepts in their career for the growth.
    • To provide brief insight about floor operation, product display, product handling, inventory management and retail sales.

Suggestive activities can be-

  1. Role Play – Retail selling skills.
  2. Role Play – Barriers in retail communication
  1. Visit a local food and grocery retail outlet. Study the category of products this store offers on the basis of a) type of product b) brand c) kind of handling
  • Visit the nearby market. Identify and sort the outlets on the basis of different types of product being handled by each store.
  • Students  to  make  a  power  point  presentation  /  assignment  /  practical  file  /  report.

Instructor shall assign them any outlet to study the elements in retailing.

Activity to be suggested by internal examiner, to be conducted on practical day. Suggestive activities can be-

  1. Retail sales talk: student to be assigned a brand and asked to sell in 2-3 minutes.
  • Students to prepare poster on either of the following two topics and asked to present


Retail is the sector which provides huge career opportunities to all age group of people irrespective of qualification, gender, race and religion. Following career opportunities are available in this field. Students can make their career in any field based on their interest and suitability.

  • Supply chain management
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Category Management
  • Store operation
  • Mall Management
  • Inventory Management


At BBA/B.Com level, students may start their career as a business executive and they can reach at managerial level over the period of time. For the career progression, following career options are available in retail field.

  • Retail sales executive
  • Visual merchandising executive
  • Retail account executive
  • Store operation executive
  • Executive (Logistics and supply chain).
  • Executive ( Inventory management)

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