Emerging Technologies in Management

Future of Works Report of World Economic Forum predicts that over 65% of existing jobs will either vanish, or will need major reskiling by 2030!. This may be better understood as the fact that most of the graduates and post graduates passing out today, will have to learn something new just to remain in job within ten years itself!

Rapid technological innovation, globalization, demographic shifts, climate change and geopolitical transformations are having an unprecedented impact on the work and skills landscape. On one hand, new technologies bring with them exciting opportunities, both for businesses in terms of their productivity, and for the workforce in terms of replacing unhealthy, dangerous and repetitive tasks with high-skilled work. On the other, as cognitive abilities and tasks that were once thought to be reserved for humans are increasingly being carried out by machines, there is a growing concern about the impact on jobs and the subsequent risks for government, business and people.

There is a window of opportunity now for individuals, business and government to understand and proactively manage the transition to a new future.

The right strategy, enabled by technology

This is a period of unprecedented change. Socially networked, app-enabled consumers are more technology focussed than many of the organisations competing to serve them. Meanwhile, digitally-enabled disruptions are redefining expectations for service, value and agility, creating an uncertain future for incumbents across all industries.

As change accelerates and disruption deepens, old business models are falling away and familiar markets are becoming unrecognisable. Simultaneously, unimagined new opportunities and possibilities are opening up.

In this new world, success demands extraordinary agility, confident insights and focused innovation. This is what transformative technologies can deliver, enabling a strategy built for a digital world. Cloud, data analytics, Internet of Things,  and artificial intelligence give you the power to bring a different future into being.

Let us explore few common Management Mantra’s to stay ahead in the race:

Respond Rapidly to the Opportunities

Stay agile and exploit rich insights to move ahead

Today, innovation happens at astonishing speed, even in complex industries. As your business grows, staying agile is key. You need to be able to close in rapidly on new opportunities as they emerge. Quick, decisive action is made easier with cloud technologies, with decisions informed by trusted analytics, to help give you the edge.

Discover new ways to Optimize Costs

Reduce waste, enhance value and boost your competitive edge

Whether its disruptive new-entrants or resurgent incumbents, cost pressure is intense and every percentage point of margin is precious. Digital technologies can help you realise the efficiencies you need. Analytics can help you understand the best opportunities to optimise cost and pricing, while cloud computing delivers new operating models, enhanced with AI, to transform your back office. Transformation can help you shape a leaner, more profitable future.

Delight customers on their own terms

Build a deeper connection and keep your customer close

It’s the era of the customer. So you need to be constantly alert to what customers want and ready to deliver an experience that meets their expectations on every count. Disruptive innovators come into your market with one focus, to better serve your customers’ needs. Digital holds the key to compete, revealing new insights through data and creating fresh channels to connect and delight.

At Vision College of Management we try to inculcate these abilities in our students

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