Writing is a medium of human communication that involves the representation of a language with symbols.

Power of Writing

Words have power

            Writers, intellectuals and influencers have known about the power of ideas for centuries. The written word has enabled people to record events, passes down traditions and has aided us in developing complex reasoning. Writing, in fact, helps us to discover what we already know; it’s the process of streamlining our own ideas, a transformation that starts in our minds and is channeled through pen to paper. 

Blogging as a means of therapy and self-improvement

            Writing, therefore, has a direct link to one’s happiness and the power to improve your emotional as well as spiritual well-being. Traditionally this has taken the form of journaling and writing by hand, but since the explosion of computers and the internet, blogging has become one of the popular forms of expression and release. The ease with which one can create a successful blog has no doubt contributed to this and led many people to start their own blogs. 

Writing to reduce stress

            Writing is also a great way to destress. Again, this can take the form of a journal or a blog, but there are a number of reasons why writing can help reduce stress. One of the main problems with thoughts and worries are that they are generally unformed and seem much larger when they’re in our minds. Writing them down helps to shrink them to a point where they are life-sized and manageable.

Writing to empower

            And, of course, writing can empower you. Whether it’s reducing stress, changing your state of happiness or increasing your knowledge and self-awareness, writing ultimately changes your mind, and that in turn changes your life. If nothing else, writing will remind you that it’s you, and no one else, who is author of your story, the master of your fate and the captain of your soul.

Club Mentor: Ms.Priyanka Tiwari and Mr.Rishabh Dixit

Different Types of Writing: The Many Forms Writing Can Take

•      Autobiography    •      Book Reviews     •      Character Sketches    •      Comic Strips

•      Descriptions        •      Diaries        •      Essays       •      Fables    •      How-to Articles

•      Journals           •      Letters        •      Monologues     •      News Articles    •      Opinions

•      Plays        •      Poems      •      Resumes      •      Songs      •      Speeches

•      Tall Tales

1st Activity Date: 07/March/2020( Timing 2:30 Pm to 4:30 Pm)

Join this club for:

•      Building Confidence     •      Express yourself

•      Imagination Boost   •      Thought Clarification

•      Better Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health

Dear Students

We are going to start club activity to encourage our students. All courses of both colleges to have ‘Club Time’ in last two hours of Saturday (from 2:25 Pm-4:25Pm) to start with. 
VSGI encourages its students to become actively involved in club activities. The involvement of students in these activities can help them in gaining experience in technology, teamwork, leadership, organization and so on.
All the students must do their Registration in below link.