VIM aims to educate leaders of enterprises. We believe these leaders contribute to make a difference to their organizations and to the world around them. In our endeavor, we draw upon reserves of goodwill among the diaspora of our alumni, reputation among recruiters and potential students, and commitment of our faculty and staff to the institute. The future holds tremendous promise for the Institute. We look forward to being recognized as one of the premier management schools worldwide. To achieve this goal, the Institute is following a three-pronged approach: connect, nurture, and grow.

We will connect proactively with the worlds of practice and policy, with academic work nationally and globally, with our alumni, and with the local community.

NURTURE a high performance work environment by emphasizing and supporting a climate of autonomy, stretch, and team work.

GROW our capacity, but do so in a thoughtful and strategic manner, aiming to have an impact commensurate with our ambitions, and ensuring that we maintain and upgrade the quality of our people and our experience.

These three strategic priorities – connect, nurture, and grow – therefore, are at the core of our effort to be a premier global institute of management that educates leaders of enterprises.

Vision Institute of Management