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Brain, The Story of You!

We take care to nourish our body each day. We eat healthy foods (or atleast plan to!), exercise and take care of our physical self. The results are evident from the efforts put in and precautions taken by us. Similarly our mind needs to nourish itself and grow accordingly. Whereas the energy for physical entity ‘brain’ comes from the body, the augmentation in our mental capacities is directly in proportion to efforts put in to improve upon our cognitive abilities. Here it is worth noting that our mind has vast capabilities, much greater that physical domains defined by normal four dimensional world. Experts point out almost unlimited scope to improve our cognitive capabilities, restrained only by the efforts put in by us.

The below materials can become a starting point to guide you on your quest to understand and improve your knowledge in multiple domains.

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Insights of Top Think-tanks

There are few think-tanks; people and organizations which are constantly putting efforts in analysis and analytics of all things related to growth and sustenance of the Humanity on whole. While their ambit may expand over huge topics and fields, they all espouse a firm commitment to provide material for us to reflect, and adopt accordingly.

Whereas the Top Consultancy companies of the world are one of the major sources of research and improvisation, staffing companies, number of multi national forums also have a huge think-tank accumulating resources daily. Besides these there are numerous other organizations and committees which can provide lot of in-depth insight for us to use as a guiding beacon. Below is list of few which are directly relevant for us.

Ebooks & E-Libraries

Few Resources for Ebooks/Materials
Online Courses