Digital marketing Training

This digital marketing course will help to  transform the students into a  complete digital marketer with expertise in the top eight digital marketing domains- Search Engine Optimization, Social media, Pay-Per Click, Conversion Optimization, Digital Analytics, Content, Mobile, and Email Marketing. Fast-Track your career in digital marketing today with practical training you can apply on the job

As the world of digital marketing keeps on developing at a fast pace, advertisers and internet marketers are confronted with new difficulties and opportunities.

Digital Marketing Courses are intended to guide students and make them learn Digital Marketing channels, strategies and related practices that can help them channelize and optimize their digital marketing  campaigns.


  • Develop an in-depth understanding of top-of-mind digital marketing functions such as inbound marketing, paid marketing, social media marketing, and web analytics
  • Become competent in planning, managing, and executing integrated multi-channel campaigns
  • Lead digital marketing teams and digital marketing initiatives for your organization
  • Understand how digital marketing disciplines all work together and how to optimize your use of each one

What’s the focus of the course?

  • Through the introduction  to Digital Marketing course, students will gain high-level understanding of Web-Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, Social media, Pay-Per Click, Conversion Optimization, Digital Analytics, Content, Mobile, and Email Marketing, enabling students to take informed decisions and strategize their online marketing efforts. This course will proved as the stepping stone for the students to begin their digital marketing learning journey.



What you’ll learn

The following course will enable participants to:

  • Understand the basics of digital media, its power and potential
  • Discover and initialize online marketing jargons
  • Basic understanding of SEO, PPC, Social Media, Web Analytics and Content Marketing
  • Gain the context to take business decisions involving the digital media and online marketing
  • They will be able to learn Digital Marketing basics and clarify some concepts on this subject. Some part of this course also aims at practical digital marketing and personal branding that shall help people get some practical experience

According to The Digital Marketing Institute, “150,000 digital jobs predicted by 2020 and there are not enough digital professionals to fill them. This provides those studying digital marketing with a unique competitive advantage – you’re gearing yourself up for a career where demand exceeds supply.”

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