Purpose of college education

Keynote Address-2020

Be ready to Question!

Dear Students, I have always firmly believed that the Questions you cannot answer are far better than Answers you cannot question! Never be afraid to ask question. The Socratic Method has always been the best form of teaching. Again questions are not aimed just for teachers, or even others; the most important questions are often those we ask ourselves. You should remember that questions are sacrosanct and cannot be treated lightly, or simply forgotten after asking. They will serve their purpose only if each question leads to a trail which ends only when you have got an answer, and are contended with it.

However be aware you will seek answers only of questions you ask! Asking right question is perhaps the first step towards venturing out on a quest for meaningful answers. Care has to be employed to ensure you don’t venture out with directionless or meaningless questions; which will not only kill your time but also more importantly the spirit to search for answers.

Quest for a Purpose, for a Meaning

There is never a wrong time to question the purpose of life, the purpose of our existence, the meaning we should make out of what is happening around us. Today I wish to travel with you in search of meaning of college education. I want to learn, and maybe reveal a little, what all we should teach in college, and how.

The Matrix

I have broken up what all you should learn from college in four parts. Here the term ‘Learn’ is used in a broader way so as to encompass all skills, knowledge and habits which are developed knowingly or even as a collateral.Show 102550100 entriesSearch:

Developing your Character & PersonalityDeveloping yourself in CCLDAcquiring knowledge through Resource Materials
Acquiring Skills required for a Professional LifeProject, Technical Papers & SeminarsImproving Skills through Certification Courses
Establishing network & relationshipEntrepreneurship & Start-up & CellMulti-dimensional growth through Club Activities
Initiating broader learning in form of Research & InnovationEmerging TechnologiesIndustry Integration Activities- Guest lectures, surveys, visits

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Reflection, The Destination

We start with reflection on the destination. These are Program Outcomes which you should acquire during your stay in the college. We keep Developing your Character & Personality on the top as it is the foremost goal of education. Majority of the problems of our world need much more than just knowledge or skills. Problems like Social stratification, Poverty & economic disparity, social inequality, issues in education, etc. require a different approach. Similarly things like Pollution, Nuclear war threat, and deforestation cannot be answered by science alone. In fact many of these are caused by over zealous and heedless use of science and technology.

Personality is who we are and what we do when everyone is watching. Character is who we are and what we do when no one is watching.

Dr. Shelja Sen

Vocational courses aim to assist you to Acquire Skills required for a Professional Life, along with the fundamental knowledge bedrocks which allow you upskilling and reskilling throughout your professional career. It is equally important for you to Establish network & relationship in college, to not only benefit from peer-to-peer assistance in all cognitive and non-cognitive abilities but also to make you a good team-player.

The aim of the entire knowledge and skill development should be to start you on a path of research, allowing you innovation and development.

Response, The Path

College is making due effort to get lay down The Path for you to traverse to achieve the above. You should participate in Centre for Character & Leadership Development to allow your holistic development, along with various Personality Development workshops. You should improve your skills through Project, Technical Papers & Seminars. Whereas Entrepreneurship & Start-up & Cell can assist you in multiple ways including your teamwork abilities and holistic personality development, they can even frame a career for you.

Emerging Technologies find a pivotal place in all our plans. You may check out details from these pages.

Re-evaluation, The Enablers

There is a re-evaluation option for your assistance. These are enablers which college has to ensure you don’t deter on your journey to excellence. Please check the Resource Materials. This is an extremely useful repository and should be used frequently. Improving Skills through Certification Courses, Multi-dimensional growth through Club Activities. We also need to ensure Industry Integration Activities– Guest lectures & Workshops, and Industry visits & surveys.

Any plan is meaningful only if implemented properly. I earnestly invite each and every of you to travel on this path with me- as partners, as students, and most importantly as teachers!

Bon Voyage!

It is on the road that my inner voice speaks the loudest and my heart beats the strongest.

It’s on the road that I reprimand myself, and set new goals, refuel, stop and begin again.

It is on the road that I experience what freedom truly is.

It is my travel that has transformed me making me a citizen of the world. When my humanness, compassion and affection are raised to a new level and I share unconditionally.

Why do I travel?

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