Webinar on SAP

On 26th of May, 2021, We organized Vision e.Adda in which we had invited Mr. Puneet Nigam, IT Head/SAP Manager in a reputed FMCG and had an open discussion on SAP platform and how to build a career in SAP platform,How SAP is better than any other application platforms.

In this session he answered a lot of questions starting from how to prepare for an interview to how can SAP play an Important role to build the strong career in different modules of SAP offers ,also explains the importance of SAP tool in any organization and how SAP plays a major role in any organization growth.

SAP offers diffrent modules and softwares as per the requirement of any company (small,medium or large).SAP covers end to end business of all companies and helps to build the future growth and typical reports for the decision makers with different criteria and aspects.

He also motivated the students to start thinking about their future on SAP platform,as going forward SAP would be the first choice for any organization and students can build strong career.

This session was very interesting and the students
took an active part in it.

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