Webinar on Future of 5G Technology

A Webinar was Organised on 05/May/2021 on Tech of Tomorrow 5G and The Future by Mr Rishi Nigam–Professor, Department of ECE, GB Pant university Pant Nagar. Mr.Rishi Nigam, has done B.Tech from NIT Srinagar, M.Tech from NIT Agartala  and Phd from NIT Uttarakhand. Presently he is working as Professor in GB Pant University.he has published more than 4 international journal/conference papers. He has Qualified AIEEE in 2008 and got NIT srinagar and he Qualified Gate also.He has worked in Infosys also. His area of interest is Microwave Engineering and it’s application in modern world of communication. 
In the year 2020, 5G will be on the rise since it has the potential to change the world.
The arrival of 5G will not only transform tech but it will also provide an entirely new mobile experience. This wireless technology is being introduced with the primary aim to reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption.According to a study, 5G is expected to deliver speeds up to 100 times faster than typical 4G technology.

5G is the future technology of Communication and it will rapidly transforming the entire globe, to discuss about the key facts, a very interactive and informative session on 5G Technology was taken by Mr.Rishi Nigam

He elaborated the following key points during the session

(1)What is the technology behind 5G
(2)How 5G affect our lives.
(3)What is 5G and how will it affect us.
(4)What are the benefits of 5G technology.
(5)Tips for Government Jobs Preparation.

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