Event Management- a new prospective


This program is intended for the students who wish to get insights of new trends in marketing and how to manage the satisfaction level of the consumers by creating new ideas. This industry is all about to sell creativity in each and every manner.

This industry is growing day by day as people are more towards to make their moments lavish and if we can talk about the corporate industries we see the same environment their too. This programme is quite useful as students will find great ways to show their creativity and know your customers in better ways.

By the end of the course, participants may be able to understand event management techniques employing ideas, creativity and social media for firm’s marketing activities. Understand event management tools for managing different kinds of events.

Course Plan:

Week Topics
Week 1- Event Planning Event Planning Overview The Corporate Market, Social Events, the Role of an Event Planner, Skills Required for Event Planners, The Basics of Event Planning, Benefits of Successful and Safe Events  
Week 2-Types of Events Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, Conventions Educational or Training Events, Sport Events, Festivals, Concerts, Fashion Shows, Weddings Special Party Celebrations, Event Planning Essentials
Week 3- Event Planning Process-   Event Planning Process- Creating a vision and establishing a theme, Undertaking situational analysis, Setting objectives, Determining the Event Feasibility, Choosing an Organizational Structure, Initiating an Event, Planning an Event’s Scope, Conducting a Site Survey, Managing Client’s Goals and Expectations, Site venue Layout / Design, Selecting Contracting and Managing, Performers, Staging the Event
Week 4- Event Concept and Theme Decide the theme of the Programme, Environmental Scanning, The Brain storming Process, Theme the Event Programming, Managing the Creative Team,
Week 5- Event Budgeting Income and Costs Analysis, Establishing an Appropriate Level of Budgeting, Monitoring the Budget, Budget Review
Week 6- Human Resource Management Identifying People Needs, Sourcing people, Selecting Staff for the Project, Staff Training, Developing Team Charter, Maintaining Effective Team Management, Resolving Conflicts, Releasing Staff at the End
Week 7- Marketing the Event   Promotion, Event Marketing Mix, Marketing Strategy, Developing Marketing Plan for the Event
Week 8- Communication & Customer Services   Communication, A framework for Handling the Event, The Need to Maintain Emergency Communications, Communication Procedures, Message delivery and Acknowledgement, Public Information and Communication, Communication Channels, Customer Service, Providing Professional Customer Service, Understanding the Demanding Customer, Inclusive Planning for People with Special Needs
Week 9- Catering Operations Catering, Safety Considerations for Catering Operations, Menus and Choices, Planning Catering Facilities
Week 10- Waste Management & Noise Control Types of Waste, Hazards Posed by Waste, Health, Safety, Welfare of Employees and Event Workers, Waste Collection, Audience, Workers, Controlling Sound and Vibration Levels, Monitoring Sound and Vibration Levels
Week 11- Monitoring & Evaluating the Event   How to evaluate an Event, Evaluation methods Event Surveys, Questionnaires, Interviewing, Observation, What to Observe
Week 12- Industry exposure and activities Industrial visits and role plays. Live events exposure and planning. Case Study- Conferences, Seminars, Meetings, Conventions Educational or Training Events, Sport Events, Festivals, Concerts, Fashion Shows, Weddings Special Party Celebrations, Event Planning Essentials

Teaching Pedagogy: It will include guest lectures, videos and info graphics, power point presentations, industry visit for better learning and understanding of the students. We will also cover role plays and different kinds of in house events to give clear vision to the students about this course.

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