Emerging Technologies which will impact the world in next decade

Keynote address, delivered on 28/01/2020, by Secretary Vision Group to apprise students on emerging technologies & their impact on the technical and management professionals.

One can begin a Journey enthusiastically only when he is aware of the destination. The world is changing rapidly, and students must be aware of what to expect in the coming decade. Smart decisions can be made only when they have the right information. We have dedicated this semester to ‘Emerging Technologies which will Impact the world in next decade’. Vishal P Pandey, Secretary Vision Group, delivered a Keynote address on this topic.

Past few years have brought astonishing developments in science & technology which allow us to understand the laws of nature- from vast universe to subatomic particles. However time doesn’t stand still for anyone and even while you read this groundbreaking innovations are taking place round the world. These Emerging Technologies will impact business and the world we know as never before. Today it is more important than ever to try to understand them.

The Speaker brought in relevant topics which can be helpful for you in shaping future.

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