Emerging Technologies Reshaping the Job Requirements of Insurance Industry


Emerging Technologies Reshaping the Job Requirements of Insurance Industry

7th February 2020, Vision Institute of Management Kanpur Campus

Insurance is one of the prominent sectors addressing not only Financial Sectors but also as a vital social protection mechanism for a developing nation. Insurance companies have immensely contributed to the economy of the country and have continuously been one of the top job providers too. However, we are aware of the extremely low insurance penetration in India even amongst peer groups. Lack of awareness is certainly one of the major challenges for the insurance industry on whole.

Keeping in view of the above, Vision Group of Institutions has planned to organize a one-day symposium for our staff members and students to give them an in-depth industry view of new emerging technologies in the Insurance sector. Organized under the banner of Vision Institute of Management “Emerging Technologies Reshaping the Job Requirements of Insurance Industrywill take up new paradigms which are shaping all verticals of Insurance- Product Development & Pricing, Organizational change, Marketing & Sales, Brand Promotion, Management of Human Resource and working of intermediaries.

The focal point of discussion will be deployment of new tools and technologies and its impact on Insurance Industry. The conglomeration of stewards of Insurance will also highlight some important undergoing changes in Insurance sector vis-à-vis its impact on job creation.   This symposium will intend to throw light upon the effect of technological advancements and their impact on job creation with respect to Insurance sector. As we are aware that Insurance sector is one of the biggest sector providing employment to the youth of the country through various entities operating as distribution channels, intermediaries, consultants and various classes of professionals. We often rue the unemployability of fresh graduates. Combined efforts in mentoring them during formative years will certainly yield healthy dividends for the entire industry.

The Symposium will be in two Panels:

  • Morning Panel- How is Technology Reshaping the Insurance Industry?
  • Afternoon Panel- Job Opportunities in Insurance Sector for Technocrats.

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