Emerging Technologies in Marketing

Marketing is in transition. Technology has transformed the way we communicate, stay informed, and make buying decisions. Smart marketers know they have to stay abreast the rapidly changing landscape in order to be effective.

Change in Marketing with Technology

In the digital marketing world, Emerging Technologies are somewhat different. They are used to bridge the gap between analytics and how strategies are used and executed. As a matter of fact, 72 percent of marketers interviewed in a PwC study considered emerging technologies as a “business advantage.” Take a look at how emerging technologies are reshaping the marketing spectrum so, one can create better and more seamless marketing strategies using marketing technology.

  • Cranial Implants and Facial Recognition
  • Pre-Cognitive Marketing
  • IoT and User-Journey Mapping to Advertise to Individuals
  • Digital Facial Coding and VR Integration for Marketing
  • User-Generated Content
  • Programmatic Ad Targeting
  • Chatbots
  • Dynamic Pricing

Emerging Technologies Impact on Marketing

Technology has transformed marketing by making campaigns more personalized and immersive for people and creating ecosystems that are more integrated and targeted for marketers.
New technology in marketing has permeated the infrastructure and systems on which companies are built, delivering value to procurement and adding to the bottom line.
In 2017, 47% of Indian marketers focused on creativity to drive marketing strategy.

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